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Company profile

The Company

GrecoShop is the new e-commerce portal created by the GrecoFer company, which boasts many years of experience in the "do it yourself" sector and has a vast warehouse capable of guaranteeing continuous availability of material and offering a complete pre and post-sales service. post sales.
GrecoShop makes its appearance online at the beginning of 2007, but the project dates back a few years. Sensing the possibilities offered by the new e-commerce technologies, the development of the project is decided, with competence and great seriousness, working according to the real demands of the consumers.
GrecoShop is engaged in the distribution of hardware, tools, gardening articles, DIY, cars, camping, electronics, consumer computing and much more. GrecoFer occupies a leading position in its sector thanks to the strong distribution of material throughout the Center South. Our company markets branded products and is guaranteed throughout Italy. The quality and functionality of the products is our winning weapon. Furthermore, on the GrecoShop portal it is also possible to buy for retailers, taking advantage of a particular price list offered only to those who identify themselves as such.
GrecoShop makes available to all customers a vast catalog of products of the most famous brands such as:



GrecoShop has been managed by people for years in the traditional sales sector and therefore with extensive knowledge of the market and the problems arising. We will be happy to put our experience at your disposal to allow you to make your purchases comfortably from home.


The staff of GrecoShop is made up of men accustomed to ensuring their customers a constant and qualified service.
The items in our store are the result of a constant selection of products, guaranteed by the experience accumulated over decades of professional activity that ensures a perfect balance between quality and price.
The competitiveness of our price list is not the only source of savings. Ordering online means decreasing procurement times, avoiding waste of resources and ensuring constant product availability.
Our goal is to market high quality products that give maximum satisfaction in their daily use satisfying the instincts and desires of the consumer. Our collaborators are all professionals, with a simple "rule" to know the product to explain it with courtesy, work by phone and with the means offered by the Internet to offer a professional, useful and understandable service. It is for this reason that the editorial staff of GrecoShop is made up of people with technical knowledge who deal with the constant updating of the contents of the e-commerce portal.


The sharp sales point is in Via Torino 3, post code 80142 - Naples near the central station.
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