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Air conditioners, here's how to clean them

Grecoshop 20/02/2019 00:03
With the arrival of summer heat, fewer and fewer people are able to do without an air conditioner at home. But how many people really care about its proper maintenance?
Having a clean air conditioner helps maintain its efficiency and breathe clean air. Here is how to keep your air conditioner clean:
First of all, you need to switch off the electricity. Raising the front door of the body gives access to the dust filters, recognizable as they consist of a network of nylon wires held by a frame. Under these filters, there are others, smaller ones, that deal with air purification.
Once carefully removed from their coupling systems, the filters can be cleaned with a simple jet of compressed air. If the dirt is stubborn you can wash them with water and neutral soap, rinsing them well and then drying them in the air: but never in direct sunlight.
If you want to be sure of eliminating odors and mold, it is advisable to also use sanitizing products, such as those with the VMD or Rhutten brand.
Pollen, leaves and small animals easily end up in the outdoor unit. And this is a problem because the obstructions decrease the exchange surface and therefore the performance of the conditioner.
The casing can be cleaned with a compressor or a damp cloth. For the front of the radiator, open the dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner.
The condensate drain hose must also be checked periodically to prevent various debris from obstructing it, preventing water run-off.
One last foresight: if you use the air conditioner only to cool your home in the summer months, you should use a cover - easily available on the market in various standard sizes - to protect it from the elements the rest of the year.
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